i dont know how to fight the loneliness / emptiness in me i thought i could fill it with video games but its still there

deleted twitter again whats the point 1 follower and she never rsponded to me

now with alex i feel like running away i dont know why i do this with people when things seem to not be all shiny and new fear i guess

so friggen tired if i had any balls at all i would just eat a bullet already

i want to destroy the world and all life on it

I’m not accustomed to these feelings
The loneliness is burning in my soul
Sometimes the mind is so misleading
I wish I’d stayed at home like I was told

i hate this world and everyone and everything in it

i hate everything sometimes  movies/tv /anime etc shows the things i’ll always want but never have connections/friendships/relationships with people

think i’m starting to get burnt out on anime

stopped by mfc tonight well like 2nd or 3rd time i stopped by. i wont ever re register there not even as a basic. hopefully i wont return there at all as it left me feeling sad.

i never really thought i meant anything to anyone. but always hoped i was wrong. seeing how my non existence there changed nothing…. dunno how to explain it other then saying.  “well that sucks”

sucks with no one to talk to